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Aura Drone

The Aura Drone is a Drone with a hand controller that makes it basic to fly your Drone without having to take off, the Drone offers a wide range of interesting features, including an ability to fly towards or away from your target, a camera that can be used to track, and a Drone speed that can be customized.

Drone Gloves

The kd interactive Aura Drone provides a beneficial innovation in the way it manufactures its drones, this Drone provides a hand controller which makes it effortless to fly, but also makes it difficult for consumers to track in the sky. The gloves help to avoid this problem, and keep the user's hands and hands free to fly the drone, the kd interactive Aura Drone glove is a controller for the rc quadcopter Aura Drone that allows the user to fly the Drone with ease. This glove is fabricated from durable materials that will provide years of use for the user, the kd interactive Aura Drone is a first-rate alternative to add an interactive touch to you with our effortless to handle glove controller, you can control the Drone with ease. The Aura Drone is moreover peerless for promoting creative ideas or the crowd, the kd interactive Aura Drone w glove controller-c17800 is a custom-made Drone glove controller that is designed to allow users to operate their drones with a more comfortable andeasy-to-use hand. The controller is fabricated from durable materials that will provide years of service, and it comes with a variety of features that make it facile to use.