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Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider

Introducing the Parrot Mini Drone Rolling spider! This little Drone is even cheaper than the Parrot jr, and can be used for filming, as well! With a camera that can handle up to 550 ma, this Drone is enticing for shoppers high-end videos of your favorite people.

2PK Non-OEM Battery For PARROT MINIDRONE Jumping Sumo Rolling Spider 600mAh 15C

Rolling Spider Drone

This tiny, two-piece set is valuable for parts that need to be rolled up on the back of a vehicle, the spiders help by crawling up the Rolling motion of the materials they are rolling. This makes for a faster and more efficient workflow, this is Mini drones Rolling Spider parts for drone. It is a low-cost surrogate that allows you to fly your Parrot Drone in any direction, while also providing stability and movement for greater exploration, this is a cool Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider Drone that you can use to take pictures and videos with. It grants a small picture frame on the front that lets you put your own photos on it, the Drone also extends a spiders ability to move quickly and maneuver through tight spaces. This Parrot Drone grants an unique Rolling Spider airship design that lets you control it with your hands, with 5 colors props, you can create amazing combinations with your friends.