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Promark Virtual Reality Drone P70 Vr Drone

Are you hunting for a new experience with Virtual reality? Search no more than the Promark p70-vr Virtual Reality drone, this Drone is all about innovation and we find fantastic value for your money. With its advanced Virtual Reality technology, this Drone is unequaled for lovers who wish to experience new things, with its white color, this Drone is straightforward to see in person. So get out and try the Promark p70-vr Virtual Reality Drone today.

P70 Vr Drone

Are you scouring to take your gaming experience to the next level? Then you need Vr drone, these goggles are top-of-the-line for admirers who ache to explore the artificial intelligence (ai) potential that Vr gives to offer. Vr Drone is complete with a powerful 3 d graphics card and is able to offer a clear and realistic Virtual Reality experience, it is ideal for individuals who crave to explore new and innovative gaming experiences. This is a Virtual Reality Drone that is successor to the Promark p50-vr, it successors to the Promark p50-vr is an 2. 0 inch display with a vga interface, it offers a battery life of up to 16 hours with the stock battery. It is able to emit a Virtual Reality signal with the 3500 mah battery, it provides a camera that can take pictures and videos with an 5 in screen resolution. It also grants gimbal for stabilization, the Promark Virtual Reality Drone is able to take pictures and videos with an 5 in screen resolution. 5 in screen resolution, the Promark p70-vr Virtual Reality 3 d Vr hd glass sunglasses are exceptional for folks hunting for a stylish and healthy wanting Virtual Reality experience. With their innovative Vr technology, these sunglasses provide excellent viewing quality for any size of screen, whether you're filming a video or photo taking, these sunglasses will let you live in the know-able world of vr. Promark motor b is the latest in the market to offer Vr aerial photography apps, this app is designed for users who need to take pictures and videos of your target area in order to plan your next attack. The app also includes a live streaming feature so you can keep up with the action on the ground.