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Raven Drone

This is a left gun part that is for the Raven drone, it is a top-of-the-line addition to your collection.

Drone Raven

This Drone is a valuable opportunity to get a cheap and complete version of cobra night Raven 1986, this Drone is broken, but it is still a practical opportunity to get a cheap and complete version of this weapon. This is an exceptional Drone for enthusiasts who enjoy to fly Drone racing events! The gi joe night Raven Drone is unequaled for this! It comes with a custom engine that allows you to race your drones in giving you a better chance to win! The Drone also gives a cannon that helps you plan and control your drones during a race, this toy is an early version of the cobra night Raven recon drone. It grants missing pieces on it and is incomplete, it is manufactured from plastic and offers a red stripe down the middle. The Drone is manufactured of plastic and extends a yellow stripe down the middle, it is about 1. 5" tall and gives a single light unit on the front and back of the drone, the Drone extends a green stripe down the middle for power. The Raven conga is the only other part left on the toy, this is a delicious set of gi joe ravens that was released in 1986. They are now scouring for parts, the set contains one gun and a one gun repair or parts set.