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Sharper Image 2 Pack Drone Racer Set

This 2 Pack of Drone Racer sets is sure to give com store a boost! With a modern look and build, this Set of Racer sets will help take your store to new heights, plus, the flag accessory is a top-notch addition for adding extra just-in-time marketing to your store.

Sharper Image Racing Drone

This Set of two packs of Sharper Image drones is a fantastic surrogate to get your flying photo perfect, this Set comes with a flag Racer and of Sharper image's other popular drones such as the flag Racer and the flag panel. The flags and panels are made from a durable and sturdy plastic that will last for many years of use, the second Set of drones in the Sharper Image dual Set are the race Racer drones. These are new in the box and are retail 128, out of the box, they are Sharper Image drones because they have been treated with a dual housing design. The housing is the part of the Drone that helps you to see the Drone in images, these drones have a white and black color scheme and are supplied with a manual. The second Pack of drones in the Sharper Image dual series this year's top pick for racing enthusiasts, the drones are dual-proud white with a black finish and offer precision for competition. The races will be intense and the flag Racer is sure to win every time, this is an 2 Pack of Sharper Image dual drones. This Set includes a flag Racer Drone and a Drone champion, the drones are new in the box and they are unrivaled for races or testing your speed.