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Sharper Image Folding Pocket Drone

The Sharper Image Folding Pocket Drone is splendid for video content or for taking pictures and videos together, this model grants an advanced video camera that can record video up to 4 k at 30 frames per second. The Drone can also take pictures and videos in 3 dimensions, making it top-rated for taking pictures of things you see in your photos, the Drone also provides a built in camera that can take pictures and videos in 3 dimensions.

Sharper Image Pocket Video Drone

The new in box never used quad Drone grants a Sharper Image and is superb for video production, the Sharper Image Folding Pocket Drone is a valuable device if you want to take your photography to the next level. This device imparts a splendid feature which its ability to fold up to protect your phone when not in use, the Drone is conjointly small enough for uncomplicated storage so you can keep it in your pocket. The app is a quick and facile alternative to take better photos with your Pocket drone! You can watch the app's tutorials to get to the best state of mind for your Pocket drone, the Pocket video Drone is a new product from it is a foldable Drone that can be used for video and video capture. It provides a mr, explorer feature that lets you explore a video before video capture. The Drone gives a series of sensors and controllers to ensure secure video and video capture, the Drone also extends a built-in camera and an app to control it from anywhere.